Kim Hyun Joong Will Be Returning To TV After Several Lawsuits… And Netizens Are Not Happy

It has been confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong will star in the upcoming drama “When Time Stops”.

KEYEAST Entertainment has confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong will be returning to the small screen through the upcoming fantasy drama When Time Stops (working title).

It will be the first time he will appear on television since Inspiring Generation 4 years ago.


Kim Hyun Joong has landed the character of Joon Woo, the lead character who has supernatural powers.

The drama is scheduled to begin airing in October.


Netizens were not happy about this news, however, because of the series of legal issues he was involved in with his ex-girlfriend.


It all began in August 2014 when Kim Hyun Joong was charged for hitting and injuring his ex-girlfriend. From then, there were numerous lawsuits going back and forth including the matter of a child that was ultimately proven to be his.


To make matters worse, Kim Hyun Joong’s driver’s license was taken away earlier this year after being caught drunk driving.

[★BREAKING] Kim Hyun Joong’s License Suspended For Drunk Driving


And although issues with his ex-girlfriend were settled for the most part with his ex-girlfriend being charged for defamation and attempted fraud, the whole incident left a very bad image on the star.


While many people were understanding of his situation, hardly any were enthusiastic about his return.

  • “He does need to feed his child people. Anyone can make a mistake and I think the woman had more issues anyway. She gave up her body then threatened him to extort money.”
  • “Yea he’ll probably get many casting calls since it’s a big issue. There’ll be people who watch just because their curious. That’s what they’re probably targeting. Tsk tsk. In a way, he’s being used.”
  • “Kim Hyun Joong was proved innocent so the feminists spreading false rumors need to be sent away. Of course, the DUI issue is true, so he needs to acknowledge that.”
  • “What’s KBS W? Is that a cable channel? Anyway, that’s interesting that he got cast. lol”


And as expected, many netizens were very critical about his quick return.

  • “Whoever the female character is, I feel bad for her.”
  • “Simply put, it was revealed that the girlfriend issue was an act of fraud on the girlfriend’s part. She needs to be punished. But his image was ruined after his private life was revealed and on top of that the DUI. the public obviously won’t want to see him and only fans will welcome his return. To be honest, he can’t act or sing. He’s just good-looking. There are many male actors who can replace him.”
  • “Are there no actors? There are many less-known ones out there who are great actors.”
  • “Are there seriously no other celebrities? They should just cast one of the many people who work their butts off trying~ Unless they want to make the headlines and then completely flop.”
  • “What did the female actress ever do to deserve this?”
  • “Hey, it’s the guy who can ‘travel anywhere if there’s wind’…he seriously can’t act…”
  • “Just by looking at his face he looks evil~ he’s definitely a bad person.”


Many netizens were even furious that a broadcasting station was allowing him to appear on a drama so quickly or allowing him to appear on television at all.

  • “Dear KBS drama director, did Hyunjoong say he’d lay out a bridge somewhere? How is it possible that they’d let this kind of person get cast unless they’re completely out of their mind? I just cannot understand one bit…”
  • “I’ll never watch this drama. Everyone who’s involved with casting is out of their mind. They’re probably giving up on the domestic audience and targeting international.”
  • “They need to first get rid of these broadcasting stations or producers who are using our money to cast this man and produce this drama. They’re deceiving the public~”
  • “Whoever cast him must be crazy…what kind of mindset do they have that they would cast such a person?”
  • “The staff who want him to appear on the drama seem like the problem.”


There still seem to be fans that are supportive of him and his activities, however. Maybe, with the help of his fans, Kim Hyun Joong will be able to regain his energy and show his audiences a positive, new image.

  • “He never committed any violence. It was revealed in court that Choi bumped into a exercise equipment at the gym on her own. There are medical records to prove it. There are also witnesses that saw she had no bruises the following day at a pub. There are even pictures…Why do people hide this type of information? Kim Hyun Joong, let’s make a comeback..”
  • “Wow, he’s still freaking handsome anyway.”
  • “You guys are misunderstanding him. The girl is being punished for lying that she had a miscarriage because he hit her. The child is his, but the miscarriage comment was a lie and she’s being punished for it now.”
Source: Sports Donga and Naver News