Kim Hyun Joong’s representative: “Choi’s pregnancy and miscarriage is a complete lie”

It has been revealed that Ms. Choi’s side has been unable to submit proof of the reported first pregnancy and miscarriage.

On June 3, representatives of Kim Hyun Joong stated, “If you look at the medical documents submitted by Ms. Choi, there is nothing about a positive pregnancy. What is written is that there is no evidence of pregnancy. Ms. Choi’s side submitted the text messages between her and Kim Hyun Joong as proof.

Ms. Choi’s side responded otherwise: “Ms. Choi is currently focusing on her pregnancy… In order to prove the first pregnancy, we have brought the documents from the sonogram. Afterwards, we will submit the evidence and bring a witness. We can fully prove Ms. Choi’s pregnancy. You can’t hide the truth.

Furthermore, on the same day, the idol’s father testified that his son previously confessed to giving Ms. Choi 600 million Won (approximately $541,608 USD) following accusations that he physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend during her pregnancy.

Currently, the artist is serving his mandatory military duty.

Source: Daily Sports