Alleged Victim of Kim Hyung Jun’s Sexual Assault Tweets Contradictory Statements

This could change the whole story.

Kim Hyung Jun was recently accused of sexually assaulting a woman back in 2010. The woman claimed that she met Kim Hyung Jun when he came to drink at a bar where she worked. After drinking with him one night, he came over her house with the pretense that he’ll only help her sleep. However, she claimed that he then held her down and raped her.

Nine years later, she got the courage to report him after witnessing other celebrities being charged with sexual assault. However, the story quickly grew into a controversy when Kim Hyung Jun denied her story and claimed they had consensual sex.


As the case becomes a he-said-she-said, netizens discovered the woman’s Twitter account and uncovered some questionable statements. Days before her official report, she debated whether or not she should report him but she also talked about how she missed him and wanted to get together with him again.


Few days later, she decided to go ahead with the report and announced it on Twitter.


But soon after, she once again mentioned how she missed him and wanted to see him again.


When a reporter called her to ask about the tweets, she claimed that the tweets didn’t hold truth but were written out of sarcasm.

“My tweets weren’t written with 100% truth. I was being sarcastic.”

— Alleged Victim


A lawyer also commented that Kim Hyung Jun could face up to 5 years in prison if he’s found guilty. She also emphasized that the statute of limitations on rape charges last 15 years, which means that the fact that it happened 9 years won’t have much effect on the case. It will ultimately come down to how the court finds the truth in each others’ stories.

“Rape charges can be sentenced for more than 5 years in prison and has a statute of limitations of 15 years. If the crime did happen in 2010, the statute of limitations hasn’t expired.

The claim that it happened 9 years ago won’t effect the decision but it will come down to how believable the victim’s story is.”

— Lawyer Lee Mi Sook


Kim Hyung Jun is currently on an international tour and is set to return soon. He will report to the police as soon as he arrives for his investigation.

Source: Sports Seoul, News1 and @Gonggu_s2