Kim Jaehwan Hospitalized Again Due To Poor Health

Get well soon, Kim Jaehwan!

Days after receiving treatment for high fever and continuing on his schedules, Kim Jaehwan was taken to the emergency room again due to his high fever and body aches and pains.

Kim Jaehwan was taken to the emergency room early in the morning on June 3 because of his poor health. He was in bad health the night before (June 2), and thus was taken to the emergency room first thing in the morning. After completing his fan signing on June 2, he began noticing problems with his health, and now will receive outpatient treatment.

This is now the second time in a week Kim Jaehwan had to visit the emergency room and receive treatment. On May 28, he visited the hospital to receive an IN drip before continuing with his performance on SBS MTV‘s The Show.

Kim Jaehwan is currently successfully promoting as a soloist following his Wanna One promotions.

Source: Xportnews