Kim Jaejoong Reveals He’s Dying To Have Children More So Than Getting Married

“I’m worried that I really won’t get married by this point.”

Kim Jaejoong appeared on the talkshow, Do You Eat?, where he began discussing his future plans of marriage and children with his best friend, actress Seo Hyo Rim.


Seo Hyo Rim asked Jaejoong if he still lives alone. When he answered yes, she told him, “Hurry up and date someone.”


Jaejoong surprised everyone by answering in complete honesty that his desire to have children is greater than getting married right now.

To be honest, I really want a child! Now that I’m in my mid-30’s, I’m starting to have thoughts that I never had before. Like marriage and such.

— Jaejoong


He’s worried that since he hasn’t gotten married yet, he may end up never getting married. He had previous revealed that a tarot card reading told him that if he didn’t get married by 2019, he wouldn’t get married for the next 10 years!

I’ve become a little scared. I’m worried that I really won’t get married by this point.

— Jaejoong


But he once again confirmed that he really wants children. He explained, “I really love children.


And by the looks of his baby photos, Kim Jaejoong will be having a stunning baby just like himself!

Source: TV Daily