Kim Ji Hoon Is Getting Cussed Out After His Appearance On “I Live Alone” For Illegal Downloading

Kim Ji Hoon confessed to his faults.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s I Live Alone, actor, Kim Ji Hoon was shown watching an American show at home, but he was soon hit with the suspicion that he downloaded the content illegally.

On the show, Kim Ji Hoon was watching Raised by Wolves which can only be streamed on HBO Max and unavailable on other streaming sites in Korea.

Even in the case that Kim Ji Hoon streamed it on HBO Max, viewers were suspicious because Korean subtitles are not available on that platform.

As a result, Kim Ji Hoon was hit with criticism for having a lack of awareness regarding the importance of copyrights when he’s an actor himself.

In response to the controversy, Kim Ji Hoon confessed to having illegally downloaded the content and apologized for his actions.

I apologize for making viewers feel uncomfortable through my appearance on ‘I Live Alone.’ I sincerely apologize for having a lack of awareness regarding copyrights as an actor. I’ll make an effort to become an actor who acts with more caution.

— Kim Ji Hoon


Source: Dispatch