Who Is She? Meet BTS Jimin’s “Reflection,” Dancer Kim Jin Sol

She’s worked with several of our favorite K-Pop idols!

Since BTS‘s Jimin made his solo debut with his album FACE, he has been actively promoting his songs “Set Me Free Pt.2” and “Like Crazy.”


If you’ve watched either the MV or a live performance of “Like Crazy,” you know that a woman acts as Jimin’s reflection…

The woman who dances with Jimin as his reflection for all his live performances in Korea has been the same. It’s Kim Jin Sol.

She herself looks like a K-Pop idol. But who is she really?

Kim Jin Sol (also known as Jinsol) is a dancer and choreographer. She sometimes posts her original dances, and you can even take classes from her.

That’s not all, though. Obviously, from Jin Sol’s working with Jimin, she also frequently works in the K-Pop industry as a backup dancer.

She has worked with many K-Pop idols, including Kim Jonghyeon,” IMFACT‘s Taeho, and popular groups such as Γ¦spa, NCT DREAM, and NU’EST.

Kim Jin Sol was actually one of the choreographers forΒ BLANK2Y‘s “Thumbs up!”

Currently, she has been mainly working with Jimin as his “reflection” in “Like Crazy” performances.

Yet, it’s not the only time she has worked with Jimin or even a BTS member. Previously, Jin Sol worked with J-Hope during his solo promotions.

And prior to “Like Crazy,” she was one of the backup dancers for Jimin’s “Set Me Free Pt.2” MV.

Jin Sol is so multitalented; we can expect to see more of her in the future!

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