Kim Jong Kook Claims Working Out Is A Common Cause Of His Breakups

That’s serious.

Kim Jong Kook recently appeared on Jessi’s Showterview where Jessi asked him unfiltered questions about his love life.

One of the questions was whether or not Kim Jong Kook ever broke up with a girlfriend because of working out.

As many Kim Jong Kook fans know, he’s known to be very dedicated to working out.

And Kim Jong Kook confessed that that becomes the cause of some of his breakups.

According to Kim Jong Kook, women fall for his work ethic and healthy lifestyle at first, only to leave him because it’s too excessive.


He even revealed that whenever he had extra time between work, he would choose to work out rather than see his girlfriend.

Mainly because he had to do it behind his girlfriend’s back since she hated it so much.


However, Kim Jong Kook simply compared it to men who go out to drink without telling their wives.

I’m sure all men have lied to their wives to go out drinking… It’s like that. It’s the same thing.

— Kim Jong Kook

Check out Kim Jong Kook’s full confession below:

Source: Dispatch