Kim Jong Kook Reveals He Will Be Donating All Of His YouTube Channel’s Profits From This Month

His videos have over 38 million views in total!

Kim Jong Kook revealed his generous heart with his most recent announcement. On his YouTube channel, the Running Man cast member shared a heartwarming post with all of his 1.91 million subscribers.

Kim Jong Kook | @kjk76/Instagram

The singer wanted to thank all of his subscribers for showing his channel “an unbelievably large amount of love and interest!” With that said, Kim Jong Kook then shared that while it’s “a bit embarrassing,” he wanted to repay the love he has been receiving by “donating all of the profits from the channel’s revenue after deducting a (small) production cost.” 

| @GymJongKook/YouTube

Kim Jong Kook started his gym and health-focused channel just one month ago, but has reached a staggering 1.91 million followers. He made headlines after reaching 1 million followers after just 5 days of opening up his channel. Ever since, the singer and entertainer has uploaded a total of 5 videos, which have amassed a total of a whopping 38.8 million views.

Subscriber count at 1.91 million.

With the immense amount of love and support from his followers, Kim Jong Kook has decided to spread that wealth by donating all of his proceeds to a charity.

What a generous fella! You can read his full statement down below.

Hello! It’s Kim Jong Kook from ‘Gym Jong Kook’ ㅎ I just wanted to say thank you once again for the unbelievably large amount of love and interest that has been shown on this new journey of mine!

Everyone! The fact is…it’s a bit embarrassing…but ㅎ I uploaded 5 videos this month and I decided to donate all of the profits from the channel’s revenue after deducting a (small) production cost. (I get a feeling that the views I received will be hard to achieve in the future ㅎㅎ.)

I was only able to reach these results the help of many different people. Since I received so much love and interest, I thought that it would be best to repay that by doing a good deed. I believe that this will be a good influence to all those who also love working out!

Everyone who has been supporting the ‘Gym Jong Kook’ channel participated in the donation so I hope that you feel rewarded and stay healthy by exercising!

Thank you!

— Kim Jong Kook @GymJongKook/YouTube

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