Kim Jong Kook Is Apparently The Perfect Man For Jeon So Min To Marry

She was advised to marry Jong Kook.

On a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Ask Anything, Jeon So Min consulted Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon about her future love life.

According to Lee Soo Geun’s prediction, Jeon So Min is the type to marry suddenly and is at risk of getting involved with the wrong man.

So Min is the type to get married out of the blue. The way I see it, you just have to be careful of men. People like you are highly likely to get involved with the wrong person. You crave something that is hard to find in real life.

— Lee Soo Geun

And Jeon So Min couldn’t disagree.

I do have a thing for romance. But I don’t know what kind of man I want.

— Jeon So Min

So Seo Jang Hoon offered his advice.

Someone with a clear identity. If you don’t know what they do but they claim they do business and trade stocks, that’s not good. If they don’t tell you what they do, they’re dangerous.

— Seo Jang Hoon


He even went on to recommend fellow Running Man cast, Kim Jong Kook as the perfect match for Jeon So Min.

You’re better off looking around at the people you know like Yang Se Chan or Kim Jong Kook. Jong Kook is the best match. He doesn’t do anything that women hate.

— Seo Jang Hoon


But Jeon So Min wasn’t sold.

If your friendship doesn’t progress in 3 months, there’s no possibility. My friends are good as friends, not as lovers. Besides, Jong Kook works out too much.

— Jeon So Min

Would they make a good match?

What are your thoughts?

Source: Dispatch