Kim Jong Kook Can’t Stop Praising BTS Jungkook’s Physique

It’s a huge compliment from someone like KJK!

When it comes to BTS‘s Jungkook, it seems like he can do it all. Not only is he a talented idol, extremely handsome and full of charisma, but his physique is no joke.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

Whether he is on stage, just relaxing, or having fun with the members, it’s hard not to notice his proportions and muscles. In particular, ARMYs have rightly not been able to get over this fact and are regularly seen fangirling over the idol’s muscles… which he hasn’t been afraid of sharing.

One other idol who has made a name for his insane talent and crazy muscles is none other than Kim Jong Kook. For many netizens, Kim Jong Kook is the true epitome of duality, with a voice that sounds like an angel but a muscular physique.

Kim Jong Kook | @kjk76/Instagram

| @kjk76/Instagram

Well, the true muscle idol Kim Jong Kook has recently showcased his appreciation for Jungkook’s physique in a recent video featuring TXT‘s Soobin.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Soobin surprised Kim Jong Kook’s niece, and there was some truly wholesome content, including the TXT idol sharing his respect for BTS.


During the video, Kim Jong Kook asked Soobin about his working-out habits. Soobin shyly explained that compared to the other members, he doesn’t work out as much. Kim Jong Kook explained that with such a handsome face if Soobin had a fit body to go with it, he would be perfect.

I rarely work out. [Do you like working out?] Not really.

— Soobin

Kim Jong Kook then shared the fact that many male and female idols nowadays that bulk up. In particular, he pointed out that Jungkook was one of those idols with a spectacular physique.

For example, Jungkook is all toned.

— Kim Jong Kook

In particular, he joked that it must be because their names sound familiar that the duo is known for their muscles and physiques.

Maybe it’s because our names sound similar. What’s Jungkook’s surname? Ah, Jeon Jungkook? Aaw.

— Kim Jong Kook

Although it’s cool that someone like Kim Jong Kook appreciates Jungkook’s physique, it’s even better considering that Jungkook has named him as one of his role models when the group appeared on KBS2 2021 Special Talk Show. 

I want a body that’s just slightly slimmer than Kim Jong Kook. I love his body.

— Jungkook

Whether Jungkook’s muscles will ever be the true size of Kim Jong Kook’s or not, there is no denying that his physique is second to none. Hopefully, after collaborating with Soobin, Jungkook can be the next person to appear on his channel.

You can read more about Jungkook’s thoughts on Kim Jong Kook below.

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