Kim Jong Kook Reveals Why He Really Hates Blind Dates

“Over my dead body!”

Kim Jong Kook recently shared why he hates the idea of blind dates!

On the latest episode of Jessi’s Showterview, Kim Jong Kook appeared as a guest, and had a hilarious time answering all of Jessi‘s questions!

After first questioning him about his ideal type, Jessi then asked him if he was seeing anyone.

So, are you seeing or dating someone?


After replying in the negative, Kim Jong Kook then revealed the reason for his current single life!

I feel awkward reaching out to someone. Like asking someone to fix me up, set me up with someone. That’s over my dead body!

—Kim Jong Kook

Jessi immediately agreed with him!

And that’s too artificial. You have dinner with someone you just met, asking, “What do you do?”



Kim Jong Kook then revealed that after going on a blind date once, he’s totally done with them!

After that event, wow… I’ve been on a blind date only once ever in my lifetime. I never go on them after that.

—Kim Jong Kook

You can watch him talk about his opinions about blind dates here, from the 2:27 mark onwards!