Kim Jong Kook Started A YouTube Channel And Hit 1 Million Subscribers — All In 5 Days

That is seriously impressive!

Our favorite “Spartan” Kim Jong Kook has officially started his very own YouTube channel!

Kim Jong Kook | @kjk76/Instagram

Just a few days ago, the Running Man cast member shared onto his Instagram page that he had started a YouTube channel called Gym Jong Kook.

His fans and his followers all shared their excitement as they poured out their congratulations for the singer. However, just a short 5 days later following his announcement, Kim Jong Kook shared another Instagram upload but this time, it was to celebrate the fact that he had reached 1 million subscribers! With this caption, he shared his gratitude:

I can’t thank you enough…I’ll try my best until you guys are satisfied.

— Kim Jong Kook @kjk76/Instagram

Just like his channel title Gym Jong Kook entails, Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube videos will be about his love affair with the gym and will feature the singer’s personal workouts…

…as well as his diet and other lifestyle tips that he has for his viewers who may be on a health journey.

There are many people who saw my body’s transition so I also want to share how my body has changed with my diet and other lifestyle changes. I will do my best to share all of the experiences with you guys.

— Kim Jong Kook

He may only have one introductory video on his channel, but it’s probably safe to say that he’s off to an amazing start. Congratulations to Kim Jong Kook on his new YouTube channel, as well has his 1 million subscribers milestone! Check out the singer’s first video down below.

Source: Chosun
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