Kim Jong Un Delays South Korean Concert in Pyongyang… So He Can Attend And Watch Red Velvet

Red Velvet successfully performed in North Korea, with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watching.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un paid a surprise visit to the “Spring is Coming” concert, the first of the two concerts by the South Korean art troupe, in Pyongyang on April 1.

He became the first North Korean leader to attend a South Korean performance in the North Korean capital.


Kim Jong Un stated in a brief interview, “I know people were interested in if I’ll come to watch Red Velvet. I originally only planned on attending the concert on April 3, but I changed my schedule so I could come today.”

Kim Jong Un thoroughly enjoyed the performances and asked questions about the lyrics of the songs performed. He also thanked South Korean president Moon Jae In for the opportunity and suggested another joint concert be held in Seoul in the fall, titled “Fall is Coming”.


Red Velvet, minus Joy, performed their hits “Red Flavor” and “Bad Boy”. The members also came back on stage to join and sing with the rest of the art troupe, including Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and Jung In.


Kim Jong Un thanked the South Korean team of artists, claiming, “I appreciate you providing this experience for the people of Pyongyang.”

Kim Jong Un was not the only one who approved of the experience. The entire audience could be seen applauding the South Korean performers after the show.


The starting time of the Pyongyang Concert on the 1st changed several times throughout the day. Initially it was planned to begin at 5:30 pm, but it was delayed two hours until 7:30, and finally settled to 6:30. While North Korean representatives explained the time change was to accommodate more people, many believe it was to allow time for Kim Jong Un to arrive.

The show began at 6:50PM KST, after Kim Jong Un’s arrival. Kim Jong Un arrived with his wife Ri Sol Ju and sister Kim Yo Jong.


With this time mix up, most press were not able to cover concert as planned. Only one press camera was able to enter. North Korea explained there has been complications with the agreement between the South and North Koreas regarding the press.

Once the concert began, the security guarding the press simply stated, “There is nothing we can do because we have no authority over the concert either.”


The second South and North Korean artists’ joint concert will be held on April 3rd, 2018.

Source: YONHAP

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