Kim Joon Ho Goes Crazy for “Finland’s TWICE”

Have you seen Finland’s TWICE?

On the January 7 episode of tvN’s Seoul Mate 2, Lee Ki Woo and Kim Joon Ho went to Finland.

On this day, Kim Joon Ho and Lee Ki Woo pole danced with residents of Finland. Lee Ki Woo exclaimed, “The ladies here have amazing stamina.” On the other hand, Kim Joon Ho failed to keep up with their energy and said, “I’ll see you back in Korea.”

When Kim Joon Ho and Lee Ki Woo were exhausted, TWICE‘s “Cheer Up” sudden came on and dance students dressed in pastel colors appeared.

This group danced to the choreography perfectly and proved  K-Pop’s popularity. Kim Joon Ho transformed into an “uncle fan” and drew a lot of attention.

Source: Single List