Actor Kim Jung Hyun Updates His Instagram For The First Time Since His Past Controversy Involving Seo Ye Ji

He apologized and confirmed through the post that he would be joining Kim Tae Hee’s agency.

It was previously reported that actor Kim Jung Hyun faced severe backlash for unprofessionalism due to his past relationship with Seo Ye Ji. After an apology delivered through his legal representatives, he had not updated public socials for months since March. After 5 months, he has updated his Instagram for the first time since the controversy.

He apologized and also confirmed through the post that he would be joining Story J Company, Kim Tae Hee‘s agency, something which had previously been reported but not yet confirmed.

Hello. This is Kim Jung Hyun. If there is anyone that feels the slightest bit of discomfort at me writing a post, I’m sorry. In order to convey my feelings to those that have been putting in effort for me and praying for me, I have taken up the courage.

The past few months have felt as if I was floating without knowing where the floor was. I had been busy trying to urge myself on and I felt empty, as if I had no place to rest my heart. It had been difficult for me to just hold on. But on the other hand, it was also a time where I was able to look back upon the deepest corners of my heart.

I am a very lacking person. I have been reflecting on not having taken responsibility for the choice I had made. I had been busy blaming others and I acknowledge my mistake in being unable to look after my own health. This post is also a reflective one where I can look back on myself.

I am an actor. I had been thinking about how I can give back and how I can approach the public once more, and after deliberating on it, I think the only thing I can do is to act. That was how I met with Story J Company and I managed to obtain the courage, from the way they accepted me the way I was and promised to take care of me. I was touched by their warm impression. Thank you for being a companion I can walk with.

I also convey my thanks to the people that had been with me through my previous agency. Without them, there would not be the me today. I hope that we both have only bright days int he future. In addition, before it’s too late, I wish to thank the many journalists that had criticized my mistakes and those that sent me various messages through those articles.

Lastly, to the fans that have been waiting for me up to now and giving me strength, I truly bow my head in gratitude. Due to you guys, I was able to find strength. I will keep in mind the sincerity you have sent me and live a life that is fortified from that so as not to fall over and even if I do, I’ll get up once more and walk on.

I will cautiously take a step forward. I will live a life focusing on acting and repay you through showing good sides of me. Once more, I apologize tot hose that were hurt by me and I will improve myself so as to become a better person.

— Kim Jung Hyun

With that, he will be taking a new step forward with a new agency.

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