YTN Reveals Kim Jung Hyun’s Agency Was In Preparations To Shut Down And He Has Been Receiving Medical Treatment Since January 2019

His medical condition was revealed, with proof.

Media outlet YTN has revealed that Kim Jung Hyun‘s agency O& Entertainment was ready to shut down, and that he has been receiving treatment for his depression and panic disorder since January 2019.

YTN first revealed that Kim Jung Hyun’s agency O& Entertainment was preparing to shut down its operations permanently just prior to Kim Jung Hyun’s controversy with Seo Ye Ji being revealed. Shortly after the controversy was revealed to the public, it was reported by Ilgan Sports that Kim Jung Hyun would be joining Crash Landing on You co-star Seo Ji Hye‘s agency, Culture Depot, and that he was in a contract dispute with O& Entertainment.

However, YTN was able to obtain documents showing that O& Entertainment was preparing to close its doors on March 31, and issued dismissal notices to their employees and managers. They explained that the company was unable to turn a profit over the past five years, and future business prospects were not trending in a positive direction. In addition, O& Entertainment’s parent company is a manufacturing company, which created difficulties in management as they were not experienced in managing an entertainment business.


Notice of Dismissal

We truly apologize for not being able to create a better company for our artist, who has received love from various fields, as well as the employees that have stood with us.

O& Entertainment is preparing to shut down on March 31 and more details will be revealed through the Management Support Team at the parent company.


An official from O& Entertainment told YTN why the company tried so hard to keep Kim Jung Hyun in the agency.

At the time, we were in a situation where the parent company was contemplating the closure of O& Entertainment. It was judged that if Kim Jung Hyun stayed with us, since he was our only source of income, he could lead O& Entertainment on the right path. That’s why we talked about the extension of his contract.

— O& Entertainment

YTN also revealed Kim Jung Hyun’s health condition, sharing that he has been receiving medical treatment since January 2019 at a hospital for his panic disorder, depression, episode trauma, and anxiety. Kim Jung Hyun’s legal representatives stated that O& Entertainment forced him to attend the Time press conference even though he was sick that same day. However, not wanting to reveal his condition, Kim Jung Hyun stated that he was immersed in his character at the press conference. According to the medical certificate, Kim Jung Hyun is experiencing depression, PTSD, panic disorder, and anxiety.


Remarks: The above patient is being treated for symptoms such as depression, anxiety, etc. from the date of the first visit to the present. Symptoms have been worsening in his current state so absolute stability is required.

Kim Jung Hyun’s legal representatives also confirmed that his contract with O& Entertainment is now officially over.

Source: YTN, YTN and Sports Donga

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