Kim Min Ah of LCK and “Workman” Fame Is Being Tested For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

She left the LCK broadcast early due to fever and body aches.

Kim Min Ah, who made herself known to the international audience through guest appearances on Jang Sung Kyu‘s YouTube series Workman and as the hostess of LCK (League Champions Korea), has confirmed she is being tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19) after feeling body aches and a low-fever.

During the latest live broadcast of LCK between Sandbox Gaming and Damwon Gaming, shoutcasters Atlus and LS let the viewers know about the situation at LoL Park, where the LCK is broadcast live every week. LCK already took preventative measures to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by playing all their matches without any spectators.

Later, she released a post on her personal Instagram confirming she was being tested, and will share the results with everyone when they are released.

1. I had a body temperature that was a little above 37.5 degrees Celsius and felt body aches.

2. I don’t think it was something to worry about, and the possibility [of Coronavirus] is low, but I immediately left the venue because I thought that I should not be the one to determine and judge it on my own.

3. It was the best decision to make, and I acted according to the guidelines. I’m sorry to those who I made feel uneasy.

4. I will share the results tomorrow (February 24).

— Kim Min Ah

Early in the morning of February 24, her company, JTBC, confirmed she was being tested for Coronavirus, but the results are not out yet.

Caster Kim Min Ah is currently self-quarantining herself after being tested for Coronavirus due to having the symptom of a fever. As a result, Morning news program Morning& has been cancelled and the other staff members on the show have also self-quarantined themselves.


As of the latest update provided by the Korean Center for Disease Control provided this morning, there are currently 763 cases in the country, with 7 deaths confirmed to have been due to the Coronavirus.

Source: Xportnews