Kim Min Ah Gains Attention With First Post In 4 Months Since Sexual Harassment Controversy

She was accused of sexually harassing underage boys.

TV broadcaster, Kim Min Ah greeted fans with a new post 4 months following her sexual harassment controversy.

| @minamiminana/Instagram

Back in May, Kim Min Ah was accused of sexually harassing a minor in middle school on the Korean government’s YouTube channel.

During a discussion about COVID-19, she asked a group of middle school boys, “What do you do when you’re home alone? You’re at an age when you’re full of vigor.

Netizens criticized Kim Min Ah for what they believed was an inappropriate question to ask underage boys.

In response to the controversy, Kim Min Ah stated, “I apologize for the discomfort I caused viewers with my inappropriate behavior.

| @minamiminana/Instagram

4 months following the controversy, Kim Min Ah returned to social media for the first time with videos of herself enjoying quality time with her dog.

| @minamiminana/Instagram

Aside from the cute videos of her dog, no particular captions were added.

| @minamiminana/Instagram

Regardless, fans are relieved to see her doing well.

Source: Dispatch