Kim Minju Opens Her Personal Instagram Account

She is the final member of IZ*ONE to join Instagram!

Former IZ*ONE member Kim Minju has opened her personal Instagram account, and rounds out the group as the final member to do so!

| @official_izone/Instagram

She set up her account with the username @minn.__.ju, keeping it simple and straightforward, while still making it cute!

Minju uploaded pictures of her gorgeous self with a camera, and in these photos, she was seen taking pictures as someone took photos of her! She captioned the post as “I missed you” for her fans who have been waiting for her!

Several of her members also left comments on her first Instagram post! Sakura expressed her excitement on finally seeing Minju on Instagram:

While Hyewon commented with “How cute are you?”

Eunbi also commented on the post as an answer to her caption, saying “I missed you too” with a heart!

Minju’s profile photo is a gorgeous shot of her holding a white flower as she gazes into the camera, and the visuals are off the charts! Within a day of opening her account, Minju has already garnered 344K followers!

With Minju on Instagram, all 12 of the IZ*ONE members now have accounts, and fans are excited to communicate with them on their personal accounts!