Kim Sae Ron Reportedly Leaves YG Entertainment After 3 Years

She has reportedly left YG.

Actress Kim Sae Ron, who gained fame starring in The Man From Nowhere, has reportedly decided to leave YG Entertainment.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, an insider has revealed that Kim Sae Ron would not be renewing her contract.

Kim Sae Ron’s exclusive contract expired this month. She decided not to renew.

— Insider

Kim Sae Ron is currently starring in TV Chosun’s drama Leverage, which is based off the American version. It has been reported that she will finish out the drama first, before decided what her new agency will be, and what direction her future promotions head towards.

Kim Sae Ron joined YG Entertainment in 2016 and signed a 3 year exclusive contract. During her time in YG Entertainment, she only starred in 1 drama, a web drama called Love Playlist Season 4.

Source: Ilgan Sports