Actress Kim Sae Ron To Make Her First Comeback To The Industry After Her DUI

She was previously arrested for drunk driving.

Actress Kim Sae Ron will be making a comeback to the industry. On August 10, 2023, MHN Sports reported that she will be appearing in a music video for a producer duet, the EI Brothers.

According to the news report, EI Brothers collaborated with a pop singer Christine Corless, and will be releasing a song called “Bittersweet” on August 18, 2023. The music video will follow a high-teen concept, where Kim Sae Ron will play the lead.

This will be the first time that Kim Sae Ron will appear to the public, ever since her DUI incident in May 2022. Kim Sae Ron previously crashed her car in Cheongdam-dong after consuming alcohol. Although no one was injured, she damaged various street appliances including a guard rail, and a street light. She refused to be tested right after the accident, and attempted to continue driving away as well.

Kim Sae Ron was in reflection for about a year since the incident. You can read more about her incident below.

Actress Kim Sae Ron Under Investigation For Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol (DUI)

Source: Sports Donna