Kim Sae Ron’s Agency Delivers Official Statement On The Results Of Her Blood Test After Being Investigated For Drunk Driving

The police also released the results.

Actress Kim Sae Ron was previously reported to be under investigation for drunk driving. Kim Sae Ron was caught around 8 am today in the Hakdong neighborhood of Gangnam after hitting a structure and attempting to flee the scene. Police wanted to conduct a breathalyzer test on her, but she requested a blood test to be done at the hospital.

Workers fixing the damage caused by Kim Sae Ron. | Star Today

The results of the blood test were released on June 1, 2022, and her agency Gold Medalist delivered an official statement to the media about the matter. They claimed that they had not yet received the results of her tests but would continue to diligently participate in the investigations.

We apologize for concerning you due to an unfortunate incident regarding Kim Sae Ron. Kim Sae Ron has not received the results of her blood test from the police at the moment. When the schedules for the investigation are confirmed following the results, she plans on diligently fulfilling them. We apologize once again.

— Gold Medalist

| @ron_sae/Instagram

Although Gold Medalist claims not to have received the results of Kim Sae Ron’s test, the media reported that according to the Gangnam Police Station, Kim Sae Ron was discovered to have had more than 0.08% of alcohol in her bloodstream. This warrants voiding of a license as a penalty.

Kim Sae Ron has previously apologized for her misdemeanor. Due to the results, the chances of her being charged for drunk driving and destruction of public property are high

Source: Sports Seoul