Actress Kim Sae Ron Impresses With Her Growth From Her Child Actress Days – Reveals Own House And Car

She’s no longer a little girl!

On the last episode of tvN’s ON AND OFF, Kim Sae Ron is set to make an appearance again following her successful entry into the show last week. During the episode, Kim Sae Ron showed off her growth to the viewers, as she was seen driving her car to pick up her friend for a small hangout at her house.

Kim Sae Ron drinking beer with her friend gave viewers whiplash as they still remember her fondly as the little girl in Man From Nowhere with Won Bin, drinking milk while he drank a glass of alcohol in a poignant scene.

Kim Sae Ron revealed that with the money she earned over the years acting in roles here and there, she bought her own house and car.

She also impressed with her independence and cooking skills, as she whipped up soybean stew and beef bulgogi for herself. She also baked scones from scratch and did various hobbies like playing the piano.

Kim Saeron also shared that she had a hard time growing up, due to the attention she received from peers. It also made her move around a lot. She ended up making one good friend from school – the friend she picked up that day on the show, as she kept her distance from the rest.

Catch a glimpse of Kim Sae Ron all grown up on the show in the clip below.

Source: Sports Chosun