Kim Samuel’s Mom Writes A Letter Explaining What Really Happened

She’s worried for her son.

Kim Samuel recently announced that he has left Brave Entertainment, which was soon contradicted by the agency, who claimed that he was still a part of the company.

Although Samuel’s lawyer explained why he decided to file a lawsuit against Brave Entertainment, rumors continued to speculate on the two party’s conflict. As these rumors began to grow, Samuel’s mother wrote out a letter to explain their side of the story.

Samuel’s mother re-confirmed that Samuel was leaving the company because his trust with the CEO was completely broken. He tried to settle the matter quietly but Brave Entertainment failed to respond, which ultimately made him file a lawsuit against them. The lawsuit was filed under his mother’s name as he is still a minor.

Samuel’s mother asked the media and the netizens to focus on the truth as she worried that Kim Samuel will be hurt from all the controversy.

I am Kim Samuel’s mother.

I was shocked by Brave Entertainment’s unilateral and wrong official statement, so I decided to reveal the truth through this letter.

Singer Kim Samuel’s relationship with the agency was completely ruined and beyond repair, but he didn’t want the company’s image to suffer so he tried to handle the matter quietly. However, Kim Samuel seems to be getting hurt by the rumors, so I am writing this to correct the contents of these non-factual articles.

Brave Entertainment recently lied and coerced Kim Samuel to take part in the CEO’s personal blockchain businesses that had nothing to do with the entertainment industry. As the trust was completely broken, we asked for an official explanation but they did nothing to fix the situation. As a result, we informed them of our desire to legally terminate his contract. All the while, [Samuel] fulfilled his previously set schedules to the best of his ability.

After notifying them, it was apparent that we will not be able to discuss and settle it between us. So we filed a complaint on May 20, and Samuel left to the States for his training after notifying his manager and staff.

The lack of contact is unfounded. We have expressed our side multiple times through several phone calls.

As a mother, I am simply saddened that the truth was distorted so much and am worried that Samuel will be hurt by all of this as he is still a minor.

— Kim Samuel’s Mother

Source: Spotv