Kim Sejeong To Go On A Diet As She Challenges Herself To Lose 11 Pounds In Two Weeks

She explains her decision to do so.

Kim Sejeong has recently announced that she will be going on a diet. On her YouTube channel, the former Gugudan member relayed the news to all of her subscribers while explaining why she is choosing to do so.

Kim Sejeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

The singer shared with her fans that after taking “some time off,” she noticed a bit of a weight gain.

Because of COVID-19, I took some time off to rest from my musical. I went from exerting energy to suddenly not using any energy and that resulted in…a bit of a weight gain.

— Kim Sejeong

Following that adorable introduction, Kim Sejeong further detailed the real motivation behind her new weight loss journey.

I have been given a new mission and it’s my brand new drama! That’s the issue. I have been given the opportunity to portray Hari in ‘The Office Blind Date!’

— Kim Sejeong

As she grabs her face, Kim Sejeong shares that this lead role is the real reason why she wants to lose weight.

After contemplating, I decided that Hari can’t be the main character if she’s chubby.

— Kim Sejeong

While looking slightly stressed out, she revealed her goal weight and her plan to get there.

My goal weight is 47 kgs (104 lbs.) In two weeks, I’m going to try to get down to 48 kgs (106 lbs) and then after maintaining that weight, my goal is to eventually get to 47 kgs.

— Kim Sejeong

Following her outward proclamation of her goal weight, Kim Sejeong realized exactly how much weight she would need to lose in two weeks to reach her goal.

That means I have to lose…5 kgs (11 lbs.)

— Kim Sejeong

She won’t be going on this dieting journey alone, as her manager plans on joining her venture. While she looks beautiful with or without a diet, we hope that she sheds the weight in a healthy way.

You can watch Kim Sejeong’s entire dieting vlog down below!

Source: Insight