Kim Sehoon Has Been Removed From C9 Boyz Due To His History Of School Violence

He will no longer be debuting in C9 Entertainment’s new boy group.

C9 Entertainment has officially dropped Kim Sehoon from C9 Boyz due to his past involvement in school violence.


Up until recently, Kim Sehoon was set to debut in C9 Entertainment’s new boy group, which includes Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung and ex-YG Treasure Box contestant Kim Seunghun. He came under fire, however, when his old classmates exposed his past as a “thug”.


According to these classmates, Kim Sehoon allegedly took part in trashing the school and forced female students to clean the messes. They also claim that he sexually harassed girls, made sexual and inappropriate online posts, and terrorized a teacher.


After investigating these claims, C9 Entertainment dropped Kim Sehoon from C9 Boyz’s lineup, but allowed him to remain at the company. They confirmed that Kim Sehoon did take part in some school violence, but many of the claims, such as damaging the school, were false. C9 Entertainment says that they will take legal action against anyone who circulates false rumors.


According to this statement, a teacher from Kim Sehoon’s school said that Kim Sehoon did not instigate trouble or take the lead in it. The teacher also said that Kim Sehoon’s past actions have been exaggerated, and that his offenses were minor.

Kim Sehoon’s “thug” life reportedly ended after his second year of middle school. In his third year, he joined a dance club and began to dream of being a professional dancer. According to the company’s statement, he voluntarily left his group to avoid causing harm to his members’ images and to his group as a whole.

Many fans have supported C9 Entertainment’s decision to drop Kim Sehoon from C9 Boyz, but keep him in the company, to give him a chance to learn from his mistakes.