Kim Sejeong Accidentally Tagged A Fan Account For TWICE On Instagram

She meant well!

Kim Sejeong recently released her latest track, “Warning”. As it is her comeback as a solo after her girl group, Gugudan, disbanded in December 2020, the comeback is even more important for her career.

Her close friends, Nayoung formerly from Gugudan,  as well as Jihyo from TWICE made sure to show their support. The girls lovingly sent her special custom-made coffee!

| @clean_0820/Instagram

While she made sure to post a proof-shot with the caption “these pretties” to show her appreciation, fans couldn’t help but notice that she had tagged the wrong account. TWICE’s official Instagram is @TWICEtagram. However, Kim Sejeong mistakenly tagged @official.twice instead. A common, harmless mistake!

| pann

The account is instead one run by a fan. It is so convincing that it has over a million followers, despite not being an official account.

Oh well, nothing can change the sweet bond between Sejeong and her friends!

| @clean_0828/Instagram

Take a listen to “Warning” below.

Source: pann