This Is Why “Business Proposal” Shin Ha Ri Fell In Love With Kang Tae Moo — According To Actress Kim Sejeong Herself

When the actress is just as invested in the drama as us!

Business Proposal is K-Dramaland’s most recent hot potato. A tale about a regular office worker who gets tangled up in a contractual relationship with her CEO, it’s the stuff of Wattpad. Shin Ha Ri, a daughter to humble chicken shop owners, she works for a food and merchandising company. On the request of her best friend, chaebol heiress Jin Young Seo, Hari goes on a blind date with Kang Tae Moo. Little did she know, he was actually her CEO! To avoid being found out and fired, Hari cosplays as Shim Geum Hee, a daughter of a rich family. One day, he finds out the truth but ends up falling for Ha Ri even more.

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Not only are the two characters showing extreme chemistry, the actors, Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop are just as cute in real life. Perhaps it was a bout of COVID-19 quarantine boredom, over-investment in her character, or simply to satiate the fans, Kim Sejeong shared the reason why she thinks Ha Ri ended up falling for Tae Moo.

Kim Sejeong spoke from Ha Ri’s point of view. She fell for Tae Moo due to his innocent and childlike personality when he is in his vulnerable moments.

The decisive reason as to why Ha Ri fell for TaeMoo…? Is his speech and personality. As an adult who is over 20 years of age, and as the child who grew up in a rich family learning everything he could, he is still innocent and bright in a way that is rare in the world. He doesn’t lose this despite his position and still holds on to these [traits] as he consistently sends his feelings to me. This makes him look unbelievably endearing and his gaze and actions, etc, all are not forceful in the least bit as he slowly matches my pace and waits for me. Even his actions when his feelings are conveyed to me, I am able to feel his innocent consideration within the overwhelming emotion that [is shown] each moment.

In situations which he has to act like an adult rather than a young child, he still maintains that side of him and because he doesn’t lose that bumbling, young, teenaged self in front of me only, he seems so endearing. Thanks to that, Ha Ri ended up making a habit of biting or pressing her lips together. Of course, it became a habit due to many unfortunate situations but that habit keeps popping out whenever I try to suppress my feelings.

— Kim Sejeong speaking as Hari

Did you feel this too as you watched Business Proposal? Tae Moo’s polished and elegant demeanour was one of the best traits to watch onscreen. He was definitely written by a woman. Be sure to tune in to the show every Monday and Tuesday!