Actor Kim Seon Ho Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To A Filipina Fan Wearing A Wedding Dress During His Manila Fanmeeting

It was definitely a moment he won’t forget!

It isn’t often that fans get the opportunity to showcase their love for their favorite stars in person. So, if someone gets the chance, it isn’t surprising that they would go all out to make it a memorable occasion.

Recently, a fan’s way of showing love to actor Kim Seon Ho at a fanmeeting has gained attention.

Kim Seon Ho

Over the years, Kim Seon Ho has wowed netizens with his amazing acting and captured the hearts of fans with his personality.

The past few years haven’t been easy for the actor, but he bounced back in spectacular style and continued gaining attention for his unreal acting, charming personality, and visuals.

On January 22 (local time), Seon Ho showcased his continued influence after a successful fanmeeting in Manila. It was an extremely memorable moment for many reasons, with fans sharing a fan project that unsurprisingly made the actor emotional.

Yet, while the fan meeting was emotional in so many ways, a clip online from the event has been gaining attention for the funniest reasons. Like many events of this kind, it’s the perfect time for fans to interact with their favorite stars.

During one part of the event, a fan was invited on stage by the MC, and as she walked on, netizens noticed Seon Ho’s expressions change as he started laughing.

| @MrSeonhosshi/Twitter

Of course, it wasn’t malicious, as netizens then realized he was laughing because the fan had iconically come on stage wearing a wedding dress and veil while carrying a bouquet.

| @MrSeonhosshi/Twitter

Considering Seon Ho had seen a fan in the crowd wearing a dress as well, it isn’t surprising how shocked he was.

| @MrSeonhosshi/Twitter     

In a close-up video of Seon Ho’s reaction, it is easy to see his expression change from intrigued to absolute fits of laughter after seeing the fan’s dedication.

When the videos were shared online following the event, netizens couldn’t get over the entire thing. Whether it was the fan’s confidence or Seon Ho’s reaction, it isn’t surprising that everyone was obsessed with what happened.

As expected, K-Drama fans are definitely as iconic as K-Pop stans, ensuring their favorites always have the best experiences at events like this. It was definitely a moment that nobody would forget for a long time.

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