Kim Seon Ho Sheds Tears After Reading A Fan Letter On “2 Days 1 Night”

He was so touched by their words.

On the most recent episode of 2 Days 1 NightStart-Up actor Kim Seon Ho was seen shedding tears after reading some fan letters.


The December 21st episode of the variety program marked the one year anniversary since the start of the season. To commemorate the special occasion, fans poured in their love for the cast members to show their appreciation for the show. Domestic and international fans all over the world sent in gifts and letters to show their love.


In the midst of the celebration, however, rising star Kim Seon Ho shed some tears as he read a particular letter by a fan.

I had no pleasure in living until I started watching 2 Days 1 Night. The show is a blessing and I find strength in it. It makes me so happy.

— Fan


Kim Seon Ho, who was quietly standing there reading the message was seen wiping away tears through the lens of his fake glasses. Netizens found this image adorable, as they left comments such as, “it’s so cute watching him wipe his tears away through his fake glasses”, “it seems he felt touched hearing the words that he was the reason for someone’s happiness and strength” and “you worked so hard”.

Meanwhile, netizens loved Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyeong in the Netflix drama Start-Up and since then, he has seen a huge surge in popularity. He was recently offered a role in the drama remake of the film Mr. Hong and may co-star alongside actress Shin Min Ah. This is just the beginning of the rising star so be on the look out for Kim Seon Ho’s future projects!

Source: Insight