Kim Seon Ho Will Not Be Attending The ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’

He felt that it was still a bit too early.

Actor Kim Seon Ho, who was recently wrapped up in controversy, will not be attending the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. An agency official stated, “Kim Seon Ho had been contemplating attending the ceremony until recently, but decided not to attend because he felt that it was a bit too early.”

Although Kim Seon Ho won the RET Popularity Award and the U+Idol Live Popularity Award, he will not be attending due to his recent controversy. He however will be participating in the script reading for the film, Sad Tropics.

Previously, Kim Seon Ho apologized after accusations were made against him by his ex-girlfriend. However, Dispatch revealed the truth behind the relationship and Kim has started to return to the public eye. On the other hand, the 2021 AAAs will take place on December 2.

Source: insight