Kim Seon Ho’s Agency, SALT Entertainment, Issues Response To The “Actor K” Gaslighting And Forced Abortion Scandal

The agency also apologized for the startling news.

Following the recent anonymous accusation made against “Actor K,” which later became speculated to be actor Kim Seon Ho, his agency SALT Entertainment has released an official statement.

Actor Kim Seon Ho | @salt_ent/Instagram

As of October 19 (KST), the agency is “looking into the online post.” Korean media outlets have distributed the agency’s official statement which asked his fans to wait while they verify the story.

Hello, this is actor Kim Seon Ho’s agency, SALT Entertainment.

First of all, we apologize for the delay in releasing this official statement about the speculations around him. We are currently looking into the online post and verifying the story with Kim Seon Ho himself. Please note that nothing has been confirmed yet and we ask that you give us more time to fact check.

We are incredibly sorry about the startling news and we also  sincerely apologize for making you worry.

— SALT Entertainment

Read the full translation of the accusations made against “Actor K” here.

Gaslighting And Forced Abortion Accusations Against “Actor K” Are Taking Over The Internet — Here Are The Full Translations

Source: Star News

Actor Kim Seon Ho's Scandal

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