Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Will Be Legally Dealing With Doxxers And Threats

Her safety was threatened.

Kim Seon Ho had recently been swept up in a series of accusations from an ex-girlfriend who claimed that he gaslighted her and more. She has since made an official statement that claims there were misunderstandings between her and Kim Seon Ho, as well as stated that she has received an apology.

Since the exposé, the ex-girlfriend had been at the mercy of various netizens and fans who released her personal information online, including her age, name, occupation, photographs and more. She has also reportedly received various threats to her safety. Through her lawyer, the ex-girlfriend has made a statement that she will be dealing with such comments legally.

Hello. We are the lawyers Jung Da Eun and Lee Dong Hoon, who represent Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend. Currently, on a portion of news sites, social media and online communities, the ex-girlfriend’s personal identity and information have been publicized without permission. Various falsehoods and mockery have also been uploaded. What’s more so is that threats to her personal safety have also not ceased.

Insofar, she is currently experiencing mental duress, to the point where it is difficult for her to go about her daily life normally. As she is an ordinary citizen, we request for the slander and guesswork to stop so as not to give her further harm. Please refrain from interview requests as well.

We will do our best for her safety as her legal team and any malicious content or articles, posts, comments and more will be dealt with in any way that we can legally.

Thank you.

— Ex-girlfriend’s legal team

The ex-girlfriend has been facing threats and more after her accusations towards Kim Seon Ho spread. Kim Seon Ho has since apologized publicly while she has acknowledged the misunderstandings between them.

Source: Nate News

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