Kim Shin Young Confesses She’s Caught Numerous Idol Couples In A Specific Broadcast Parking Lot

That was the only place they could date in secret.

On November 24, comedian Kim Shin Young sat down for her MBC FM4U‘s radio show Noon Song of Hope and it was a specific topic she discussed that has been receiving a lot of attention.

Poster for “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” | MBC

Kim Shin Young revealed that she has witnessed numerous idol couples dating at a very specific broadcasting network’s parking lot.

I would just be sitting in the parking lot. Not where the celebrities usually park, but kind of in the back area. That’s where they would walk around mindlessly while rubbing their hands with one another’s. They wouldn’t hold hands, but that is what they do. After they would look around, they will suddenly split and run away.

— Kim Shin Young

Comedian Kim Shin Young | MBC

The comedian also shared that while she doesn’t know the exact idols that she’s seen, she’s definitely witnessed a few couples doing that.

I don’t know what team they are associated with. However, I have definitely seen a few couples like that.

— Kim Shin Young

Kim Shin Young.

We don’t know who the idols are, but let’s hope they continue to date and love as they please!

Source: Segye