Former I.O.I’s Kim Sohye Makes Comeback After Two Years Away From The Spotlight But Not Everyone Is Happy

She had been accused of school bullying in 2021.

Former I.O.I’s Kim Sohye makes a comeback to the spotlight with press photos for her new drama’s reading. She disappeared for two years after a scandal involving school bullying broke out.

She will be starring in Pure Boxer, opposite Lee Sang Yeob. The drama released photos from its first reading on June 29, 2023. The drama is about a genius boxer, Lee Kwon Sook (played by Kim Sohye) and a cold-blooded sports agent, Kim Tae Young (played by Lee Sang Yeob). Due to a client’s request, Kim Tae Young has to locate Lee Kwon Sook, who disappeared a few years ago right before achieving the Grand Slam.

The set of photos from the reading are the first public update that fans have received about the young star in two years. Her last Instagram post was from February 2021.

Netizens are less than happy about the drama’s casting.

| theqoo
  • If her acting skills were superb, then whatever, but I don’t know why they’re using her.
  • But why do they just have to use her…? Was she so irreplaceable that they had to use someone with a bullying image? I can understand the production team’s thoughts if those that did wrong are irreplaceable but I don’t get her.
  • I’m not watching bullies.
  • She received a punishment from the school? Then it’s not a scandal… It’s just bullying.
  • What misunderstandings could there be to solve with bullying? She has to shove her face to the ground and beg in apology.
  • Disgusting.
  • Get lost.
  • “They truth was found out that she had indeed received a punishment from the school in 7th grade for school bullying issues.”

In 2017, she was accused of school bullying. Her company had claimed that the accuser had apologized. However, in 2021, she was accused of school bullying once more. This time, although the company denied it, it was found out that Kim Sohye had indeed received a punishment from her school in the 7th grade, regarding the matter. Her agency claimed that while they had opened a school violence hearing about the matter, the fight began due to a misunderstanding with another student. It was said that Kim Sohye personally met the involved party and apologized, ending with the two talking it out.

Source: Theqoo