Kim Soo Hyun Rumored To Create His Own Agency After His Contract With Key East Expires

His contract is expiring soon.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun‘s exclusive contract with Key East Entertainment is set to expire this coming December. Despite the fact that the actor still has nearly 5 months left on his contract, industry insiders are claiming that he’s preparing to set up his own 1-actor agency.

There are also rumors that he may be looking to sign with other agencies, including one that was recently opened by a former manager from Key East.

Key East Entertainment responded to the rumors claiming it was impossible to say anything for certain since their contract still has months to go before it expires. They revealed that they are also in talks about renewing with him.

We have a company policy where we don’t externally discuss an actor’s contractual period. Kim Soo Hyun’s contract with us isn’t ending soon, and there is still time left.

We have heard the rumors [of his 1-actor agency]. We heard a lot of rumors about his own agency or other agencies, but he just recently got discharged from the military.

We are also discussing our contract with him.

— Key East Entertainment

Industry insiders claim that celebrities begin to look for other options about 2~3 months before their contract is about to expire. They believe Kim Soo Hyun will begin to make significant moves within a 2~3 month period from now.

The topic of Kim Soo Hyun’s plans for this December has become a widely discussed issue due to his overwhelming popularity thanks to his famous works, such as You Who Came From The StarsMoon Embracing The Sun, and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun successfully finished his military duties and revealed that he looks forward to jumping straight back into acting with a good project.

I want to quickly go back to acting. I have a lot to consider, think about, and worry about, but I really want to act. I don’t have any projects lined up for the latter half of this year.

I think I’ll be able to return with a good image if you just wait a bit. I think I’ll start a new project next year.

— Kim Soo Hyun

Source: Osen