Kim Soo Hyun provides clarity towards previous “only child” statements

Kim Soo Hyun adds more light to the recent reports confirming his sibling relationship to debuting singer, Kim Joo Na. 

As news confirming that Kim Joo Na is his half-sister, Kim Soo Hyun was called out for his previous statements identifying himself as an only child. A representative from his agency released a follow-up statement about the issue on July 22nd and stated that the actor only referred himself as an only child in respect of this mother.

According to the statement, Kim Soo Hyun acknowledged himself as an only child from the point of view of his mother and in consideration of her feelings. The agency further asked fans to respect the situation as the acknowledgement was only done for his mother.

In a previous statement, KeyEast Entertainment has confirmed the truth behind Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Joo Na’s familial relationship, but clarified that the two never lived together as siblings. The actor also had no idea that she was making her debut as a singer, but sends his support regardless after this knowledge.

Kim Joo Na, Kim Soo Hyun’s half sister, made headlines today after her link to the actor was reported following news of her debut track for High Society original soundtrack.

Source: TVReport