Kim Soo Hyun releases an official statement regarding his sister

With the latest reports of his half-sister making her solo debut as a singer emerging, Kim Soo Hyun has released an official statement regarding the matter.

Earlier we reported that Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister made her singing debut by releasing an original soundtrack for the Korean drama High Society. It was also reported that he and his half-sister Kim Joo Na lived together in childhood and were very close.

Many Korean netizens commented that the sister’s side shouldn’t have released articles revealing or mentioning their supposed “complicated family situation.” Netizens also condemned the reporters for adding such things and believed that Kim Soo Hyun should have been the first to reveal his own family secrets or stories.

In response to these reports, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency KeyEast released an official statement to TV Report on July 22nd. The official statement stated, “It is true that Kim Joo Na is Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister. But we know that they never lived together. He also didn’t know she was preparing to become a singer. He sends cheers regardless now that he knows”

Also, in related news, Kim Soo Hyun’s father, Kim Choong Hoon, is also preparing to release his latest trot album in 2015. Allegedly, rumors state that Kim Soo Hyun’s father left at a young age, leaving him and his mother to fend for themselves.

[ +453 / -10] He said he grew up by himself with his mother always out working 🙁 He never mentioned about his dad but I guess he has a painful memory of his childhood… It is disgusting how she is trying to make an issue as if they are family when they’re not even family. Whew, that is very low. Just because you are related by blood doesn’t necessarily make you family. Stop trying to use Kim Soo Hyun and get fame on your own -.-

[ +370 / -3] How rude. Even if it was his full sister, it would be rude but she is Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister…;;; Whew…. their family situation… I bet Kim Soo Hyun is very frustrated. But, please half-sister and Kim Soo Hyun’s father, please try to get successful on your own. Stop trying to ride Kim Soo Hyun’s fame~~ What fault does he have ha

[ +297 / -14] He has grown up really good despite his family troubles. He is going to do better. Kim Soo Hyun fighting~~!!

Source: TV Report