Here’s Why The Writer Of Record-Smashing Drama “Penthouse” Continues To Write “Makjang” Dramas Despite Criticism

She got a lot of hate for her “makjang” storylines, but that didn’t stop her from writing more.

SBS‘s Penthouse is undoubtedly the most talked-about drama at the moment, and as a result, a past interview of the writer, Kim Soon Ok has resurfaced online.

The drama flaunts a shocking storyline of one crazy twist after another.

“Penthouse” | SBS

And many consider this drama to fall under the “makjang” drama category, which is commonly known for having crazy storylines that are even considered unrealistic at times.

“Penthouse” | SBS

While this was a more common genre back in the day, as time went on, Kim Soon Ok received hate comments for continuing to write “makjang” dramas.

Back in 2011, Kim Soon Ok shared the extent of the hate she was getting.

I got a lot of hate comments. I was miserable. Am I doing something bad like spreading a virus among the public?

— Kim Soon Ok

But Kim Soon Ok revealed that one particular sight changed her mindset completely.

While I was getting hate comments, I visited the hospital one day. Patients who were fighting for their lives were watching ‘Temptation of Wife’, which I wrote, and for those 40 minutes, they forgot about their pain and focused completely on the drama.

— Kim Soon Ok

She explained that the particular sighting gave her pride in continuing to write “makjang” dramas.

I was getting criticized by some, but I felt pride in the fact that I helped people forget about their pain and suffering.

— Kim Soon Ok

Netizens are reacting to this resurfaced interview with comments such as “A family member was sick when ‘Temptation of Wife’ was airing, and all the patients at the hospital were obsessed over that drama“, “This is definitely Kim Soon Ok’s genre“, and “You have to give her credit for this“.

Her newest work, Penthouse, is currently airing on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Source: Insight