Famous Actress Once Borrowed Undergarments From Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon — Here’s What Happened

It’s now her good luck charm.

The actors of The Tale of the Nine-Tailed: 1938, Kim Bum, Kim So Yeon, and Lee Dong Wook, appeared on Amazing Saturday to promote their new drama.

Before they got into the games, Kim So Yeon wanted to belatedly convey her gratitude to Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon for something she did 13 years ago. The two had appeared on a variety show Seung Seung Jang Gu together back then.

As Kim So Yeon had to perform a dance, she realized that it might be difficult in her short skirt. Hurriedly, she went to Taeyeon, who was the MC for the show, to ask for a pair of safety shorts. As Taeyeon is a girl group member, Kim So Yeon fully expected Taeyeon to be prepared for such situations. Thankfully, Taeyeon was able to loan her a pair.

The dance segment went off without a hitch thanks to Taeyeon.

Kim So Yeon offered to return them after washing the safety shorts, but Taeyeon gave them to Kim So Yeon instead. Kim So Yeon was so grateful that she ended up keeping the safety shorts for 13 years!

Kim So Yeon confessed that she still wears the safety shorts from time to time, during important events. It became a good luck charm to her!

This was the first that Taeyeon was hearing about it too! She looked shocked and grateful to be remembered so positively. Check out the segment below.


Source: tvN

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