Kim Sunggyu to release duet with Yoon Sang

Recently, it was revealed that INFINITE‘s leader Kim Sunggyu would be singing a duet with Korean artist Yoon Sang which will be featured on the first part of his upcoming two part EP The Duets.

Their song titled “To Me” will be a bright love song and fans have high expectations for the track as the experienced sunbae partners up with INFINITE’s main vocalist.

This collaboration stems from Yoon Sang’s close relationship with Woollim Entertainment as he has worked to produce many songs and albums for their artists including girl group Lovelyz for their debut album.

Following the news, Yoon Sang and Kim Sunggyu filmed for Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook on December 2nd before Kim Sunggyu flew out to Hong Kong to join the rest of his bandmates for the 2014 MAMA.

Yoon Sang will be holding a concert at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall from December 12th-14th where fans will be able to hear tracks from his new EP live for the first time. His concert will also include special performances from various artists whom Yoon Sang has worked with over his last twenty years an active singer.

The Duets will be released on December 5th.

In other news, INFINITE won the fan’s choice male group award at the 2014 MAMA and performed their 2014 hit singles “Last Romeo” and “Back” much to the delight of Inspirits.

Source: Osen