Actress Kim Tae Ri Loses Her Ring During The “Alienoid” Showcase, And Things Become Chaotic AF

Considering the price of the ring, it isn’t surprising!

When it comes to Korean actors that have managed to capture the hearts of netizens worldwide, Kim Tae Ri is definitely near the top of the list. Since debuting, the actress has always showcased immense diversity in her acting skills but also her charming personality.

Actress Kim Tae Ri | @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

In particular, the actress truly caught the attention of fans worldwide after she starred in the lead role in Twenty Five Twenty One. During the show’s promotions, Kim Tae Ri wowed with her effortless charisma and humor.

Recently, the actress has been promoting her new film, Alienoid, which also stars Kim Woo Bin and Ryu Jun Yeol. The trio has immediately gained attention for their chemistry and has also created some truly iconic moments for netizens.

It was no different during the recent press conference for the film as Kim Tae Ri gained attention for a hilarious moment during the event. All of the cast entered the stage and looked amazingly elegant and sophisticated in their looks.

As the cast started greeting the crowd, netizens noticed that Kim Tae Ri’s face suddenly looked shocked. When they rewatched the clip, as the actress started waving, a ring flew off her fingers and towards the opposite end of the stage.

Rather than just ignoring it, Kim Tae Ri hilariously left her spot at the center of the stage and went looking for the ring.

After seeing the actress searching, co-stars So Ji Sub and Jo Woo Jin tried their best to help Kim Tae Ri. Hilariously, Kim Woo Bin and Ryu Joon Yeol just seemed very confused about everything that was happening.

Eventually, they seemed to catch on and had a look themselves, although it was in completely the wrong place. Before long, the entire stage seemed to be on a search for Kim Tae Ri’s ring. It was clear that the actors were on an important mission!

In the end, So Ji Sub came to the rescue! After searching for the ring, he finally found it and returned the piece to Kim Tae Ri. She had the cutest reaction to seeing that her ring had been recovered.

Yet, it isn’t surprising that the whole cast quickly went looking for the ring. According to reports, the ring was from Tiffany & Co. Although there is no exact image of the ring, it was apparently on loan from the company and cost ₩9.00 million KRW (about $6,890 USD). No wonder Tae Ri was on a mission right away! It definitely completed the look.

Although she is a global star, Kim Tae Ri always showcases a genuinely adorable personality. Although it was a loan piece, the actress wanted to keep the piece safe and would go to all lengths to achieve that goal.

Netizens joked that the brand should’ve ensured the ring fit properly, but the whole cast handled it like professionals! Watch the full moment below:

Alienoid premieres on July 20, in Korea.

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