Actress Kim Tae Ri Can’t Seem To Get Over “Twenty Five Twenty One” Ending In Her Latest Vlog

There was even a cameo from Nam Joo Hyuk… sort of.

Although it has been a month since it ended, netizens still can’t get over one of the hottest K-Dramas of the year, which was Twenty Five Twenty One. Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk captured the hearts of endless fans worldwide with the touching and heartbreaking story of love, and it was definitely emotional AF.

The poster for “Twenty Five Twenty One” | Netflix

Well, it seems as if one person can’t get over the show ending either, and it’s none other than Kim Tae Ri herself. The actress wowed fans as Na Hee Do and it seems as if she’s not ready to let the character go either.

Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do | Netflix

Earlier in the month, she had netizens screaming when she seemed to embody her character at the 2022 Baeksang Awards. From being adorably cute on the red carpet or her interactions with co-star Choi Hyun Wook, who played Moon Ji Woong, she went viral.

Well, it seems as if Kim Tae Ri has continued to showcase her love for Na Hee Do and Twenty Five Twenty One in her latest vlog.

From the very beginning of the video, netizens were taken on a trip down memory lane as the music from SEVENTEEN DK‘s OST “Go!” from the series’ soundtrack was playing. If that wasn’t enough, various songs from the OST were played throughout, including “Shine on You with Blinding Flash of Light” by Bae Ki Sung.

If that wasn’t enough, as well as being very funny and charismatic (just like Na Hee Do), fans even saw that a bit of Na Hee Do stays with Kim Tae Ri wherever she goes.

In the series, when Na Hee Do is at school, she always carried this iconic green backpack with various charms to showcase the character’s personality.

| tvN

Well, it seems like it now firmly belongs to Kim Tae Ri. Throughout the video, netizens noticed the same backpack multiple times, whether the actress was carrying it or it was resting on the table.


Finally, the video wouldn’t have truly hit netizens without finishing by showing Kim Tae Ri actually watching the show. Towards the end of the video, Kim Tae Ri is watching the series and the caption says, “Kim Tae Ri looking at Na Hee Do.

If watching Twenty Five Twenty One before bed wasn’t relatable enough, the shot cut to Kim Tae Ri lying down watching the series, with the caption, “Optimal posture to watch the show air.

Of course, there were moments were netizens thought Kim Tae Ri literally epitomized her character, from throwing stones or the way she got ready for bed. For many, it both cured how much they missed Twenty Five Twenty One and simultaneously made them miss it more.

With the start of Kim Tae Ri’s vlog series, hopefully, it means that netizens won’t miss their regular fix of the actress or Twenty Five Twenty One too much.

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