Kim Tae Woo finally speaks up about Megan Lee and Kil Gun

On April 1st at 2PM KST, singer Kim Tae Woo held a press conference in light of the recent legal dispute between Soulshop Entertainment and Megan Lee, and the incident with Kil Gun.

At this event, Kim Tae Woo stated, “I made up my mind to do a very difficult thing. In my life there are two things left. My family and my company. To protect these two things I have made a very big decision. I’ve brought you all here to tell you what that decision is.

“To save everyone from further pain and hurt I have decided to simply nullify the contract of both the artists that are involved in legal disputes against Soulshop Entertainment. Kil Gun’s contract has already been nullified and for Megan Lee, the company will cancel their lawsuit against her. As for Kil Gun, the company has given her an ultimatum but Kil Gun has not yet accepted. I am going to attempt to meet her as soon as possible and try to fix the misunderstanding between her and the company and achieve a meeting point on financial grounds as well. We will try to speed up this process in order to finish her contract nullification in a timely manner.

“The reason I made this decision is because of the amount of hatred that was falling on not me but my family. I thought this fight wasn’t worth risking the happiness of my family. A lot of people are complaining about the fact that Soulshop is run within the family but my family was not involved in the company until early last year. I made the choice to get them involved because the company was in danger financially. Last year for the first time since I started this company we had profit. I know what everyone is thinking but I have not yet regretted asking my wife and my mother in law for help. I think everyone is under a misconception but I still had the final say in everything in the company. I took care of auditions and albums. We will sort this out and grow into a company that can make good artists and music.”

Source: newsen