Kim Woo Bin Reportedly Cast In His First K-Drama Since His Cancer Diagnosis With Netflix’s Future Dystopia Production

His first K-Drama since 2016.

Actor Kim Woo Bin has reportedly been cast in his first K-Drama since his cancer diagnosis through Netflix‘s future dystopia production Delivery Driver.

Kim Woo Bin.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, Kim Woo Bin has been cast as the male lead character in Netflix’s new K-Drama Delivery Driver and is currently waiting for filming to begin. Delivery Driver is a K-Drama based on a webtoon of the same name, and is set in the future where air pollution becomes such a serious problem, life only functions due to courier services. In the era of dystopia, it shows how the existence of a courier in people’s daily lives is such an important deal.

Kim Woo Bin would play the role of legendary courier 5-8. He is the first delivery driver who was a refugee, born and raised in the general district. However a QR code was implanted into his left wrist due to a mistake by the local government. He became a soldier with the desire to move up in the world and live in the special district instead.

Kim Woo Bin’s agency AM Entertainment has since confirmed he has received the offer for the production and is considering his appearance.

His last K-Drama was back in 2016 in Uncontrollably Fond. Kim Woo Bin completed his recovery from nasopharyngeal cancer back in 2019 and has since been slowly making his return to the entertainment industry. He has already confirmed his appearance in movies Wiretap and Alien. Should he confirm his role in Delivery Driver, this would be his first Netflix production and his first confirmed K-Drama since his cancer diagnosis. He is also currently in discussion to join the K-Drama Our Blues alongside his girlfriend, Shin Min Ah.

Source: Ilgan Sports and Sports Donga