Actor Ahn Bo Hyun Updates About Kim Woo Bin’s Current Health

Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Woo Bin just talked a couple days ago.

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun appeared on Radio Star to talk about his close friendship with Kim Woo Bin. The two actors first met when they attended the same modeling school together.

“Among the actors, I’m very close with Kim Woo Bin. We went to the same model school.

During a fashion show program in school, Kim Woo Bin leant me his clothes.”

— Ahn Bo Hyun


Their friendship continued to blossom even after their debut. Kim Woo Bin even visited him while he was serving his mandatory services.

“[Kim Woo Bin] was also the only friend who visited my while I was serving in the army.”

— Ahn Bo Hyun


Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that they even talked recently about his appearance on Radio Star, and his friend was a great source of support!

“We recently talked on the phone for the first time in a long time.

I haven’t talked with him for months but I started crying as soon as I heard his voice. I told him I was going on Radio Star, and he was so happy for me.”

— Ahn Bo Hyun


Ahn Bo Hyun also revealed that Kim Woo Bin has gotten a lot better since receiving treatment for his nasopharyngeal cancer.

“His voice sounds good, and he told me he’s gotten a lot better.”

— Ahn Bo Hyun


Host Cha Tae Hyun added in that Kim Woo Bin was doing well and that he even grew his hair out long!

“He even grew his hair out very long like he’s filming a historical drama.”

— Cha Tae Hyun


After hearing that Kim Woo Bin is getting healthier and healthier as time passes, fans cannot wait until they see him once again to welcome him back with open arms!