Kim Wooseok Claims BTS’s V Is The Handsomest Idol In All Of K-Pop

Visual Kings support each other!

Kim Wooseok of UP10TION and X1 made his highly anticipated solo debut with “1ST DESIRE GREED”. To celebrate his album, he appeared on a radio show where he opened about his visuals and the handsomest idol.

MC Kim Shin Young noted that Kim Wooseok has top class visuals both encompassing, “youthfulness, class, and sophistication“. Kim Wooseok laughed as he chose “youthfulness” as his favorite keyword of them all.

When asked about how his fans react to his stunning visuals, he explained, “My fans tell me a lot that my eyes are the most charming parts from my face.

Since Kim Wooseok is almost always included in lists of the handsomest idols, Kim Shin Young asked who he believes is the most good looking idol of all.

And Kim Woo Seok named BTS‘s V!

Out of all of the idols, I think BTS’s V is really good looking.

— Kim Wooseok

But look at these two works of art… They’re both absolutely stunning! We stan visual kings who support each other!

Check out Kim Wooseok’s solo debut, “Red Moon”, below!

Source: Newsen