Kim Wooseok, Lee Jinhyuk, Kim Jaehwan And Jung Sewoon Reunite For “Youth Mental Camp”

Here are some of their tips for relieving stress.

Former Produce 101 stars, Kim Wooseok, Kim Jaehwan, Lee Jinhyuk and Jung Sewoon are slated to join new variety web drama, Youth Mental Camp. The show is aimed to help give advice for how to develop strong mentalities, especially for idols. It will cover basic psychological training and activities to help the artists mentally, as well as provide them with some rest time to destress.

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On the topic of relieving stress, Kim Wooseok shared that he thinks he has a strong mentality on the regular, and even as he received help from the program, as someone that has an unwavering mentality, there were not many moments in life where he felt that he was stressed severely.

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On the other hand, Lee Jinhyuk revealed that he was the type to worry lots, so he will make preparations in advance to have a peace of mind. In order to relieve stress, he eats delicious foods. Jung Sewoon revealed that a tip he has is to be honest about one’s emotions, while Kim Jaehwan picked exercise and choreography practice as tips to release stress.

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As the show will reunite the members, many fans are excited for the chemistry that they will show. The show will air for 12 episodes over 6 weeks, every Friday starting from the 7th of August.


Source: newsen and chosun