Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of The Steamy Chemistry Between Kim Yoo Jung And Song Kang For “My Demon”

Screaming, crying, kicking.

Actors Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang will be starring in upcoming K-Drama, My Demon. The two will be entering a contract marriage.

The first teaser was released on October 13, 2023, instantly driving fans insane with their visuals. The two meet under a lone umbrella.

As their eyes meet…

…sparks fly immediately.

Song Kang plays demon Jung Gu Won. He lives for eternity by making deals with struggling humans. Kim Yoo Jung plays rich chaebol, Do Do Hee. They undergo all sorts of hijinks after they enter a contract marriage.

More than anything, the visual pairing is insane.

Both stars have incredibly sharp and prominent features.

This is definitely the K-Drama wedding of the century.

They even lean in for a sweet and steamy kiss!

Netizens went insane over their chemistry and astounding visuals.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Why are they using the writer for Mr. Queen again?
  • Can’t believe this is really happening.
  • The visual combination is the best. I f*cking love how they’re finally pairing up actors that match in age.
  • I was in awe as I scrolled down, but cooled off when I saw that the writer did Mr. Queen.
  • Is this basically the real-life version of the webtoon?
  • Yoojung is so pretty.
  • The visuals are insane. But what’s with the writer? My heart was beating but it FR cooled off.

Mr. Queen received much criticism locally for its writing, but still received stellar reviews globally. We’re sure many global fans also can’t wait for My Demon! Check out the teaser for My Demon below.

Source: Theqoo